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Hi... [22 Jun 2008|08:37pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm new to the community and I just want to say that I also hate Kikyo too just like everyone esle.  ^^  
I'll try my best and contribute as much Hate of the Bitch as possible.  ^^ 


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[28 Feb 2008|01:52am]

[ mood | creative ]

 I must say I LOVE this community. Kikyo? Hated her since the first moment I laid eyes on her. :]] I was ALWAYS rooting for Kagome in the love triangle. Although there really was now actual "traingle" now was there? Isn't it completely obvious that Kagome held a deeper relationship with Inuyasha then Kikyo did? Yea, I thought so. Well I am working on this fic where Inuyasha is just going off to see Kikyo because he just wants to make Kagome jealous. He has NO feelings for her. So you should check it out when I post it.

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hi! [28 Oct 2007|06:17pm]

Hi all! This may be kinda inapporiate but i have a community for all shoppers [to watch the community] and sellers [to join the community ONLY if euu have a shopping blog].....Plx take a look and join too!

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XD [28 Sep 2007|12:29am]

check out this pic! hehe i think it's funny!
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[16 Jul 2007|03:53pm]

where can i find some anti kikyo icons?
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What the hell lah!! [16 Jun 2007|04:10pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Okay all...I dont really the hell care if anyone flame me or whatsoever because of this post, but i really must address this to all...

Recently, I visited a website, and it is supposed to be about the anime, Inuyasha. Instead, its all talking about how the creator of the website loves Kikyo and so on. When talked about the story[as in to summarize Inuyasha],its all about kikyo here and kikyo there. Maybe some of you may not agree, but seriously, i think its a kikyo lover website compared to a Inuyasha website.

Seriously angry ok...I mean its like...Arrgghhh! Examples of what the creator think about the ''LOVE-ABLE'' kikyo:

[She screamed out his name and "why did you betrayed me?"  You can see all her furies, hurts, and betrayal at that moment.  I was just touched by her pain and suffering.  And the way Inuyasha looked at her with all those pains in his eyes was just so sad and yet romantic at the same time.  During the flashbacks, you get the see her harsh and lonely life.  I just can't help but feel sorry for her.  You can see the loneliness and sadness in her eyes.  The way she smiles at Inuyasha was just so sweet.  And the part where Inuyasha followed her around and watching her from afar was pretty romantic. ] Isnt Kagome and Inuyasha love story better then? Very...

[Don't you just love broken romance and betrayal that ended in death?  I sure do.] Sick!

  1. she's powerful --That's because she is an old freak. Dun forget, she's older than Keade!

  2. she's beautiful --Personal opinion: Ok, gotta agree

  3. she's smart -- How about Kagome then? I swear kikyo doesn't know a shit of what's algebra!

  4. the classic clothing looks great on her -- It look great on Kagome in Movie 2 too OKAY!

  5. her lovely eyes -- Whatever.

  6. she looks great when she smiles -- Hello? Excuse me?

  7. she still looks great when she frowns  -- Oh, Puh-lease!

  8. the super straight hair -- Then you have got to adore fake hair then.

  9. she been to hell and back (literally) -- Are you out of your mind? That's great?

  10. she's a master archery -- Kagome too! And look, Kagome even started out later!

  11. she's great with children -- Didnt she scared the shit out of a girl when she was found sucking souls for herself?

  12. the people of her village held her in high respect -- That's because she acted like she is someone 'great'

  13. she has the power to purify -- Kagome too!

  14. her magic is most powerful -- That's because she's is older, an old freak you see.

  15. demons are afraid of her --Seriously!

  16. Naraku is afraid of her power --So what?

  17. Inuyasha is in love with her --So?

  18. even Naraku loves her --It's not Naraku, its Onigumi, an idiot who is half crippled

  19. you can't kill her -- She's dead already! For god sake.

  20. falling over a cliff can't kill her --Hell, if its not the goddess Kagome saving her, she will just rot away.

  21. even Naraku can't kill her --Again, she's dead already!

  22. she's more than 60 years old, yet looks like as if she's 18 --SHE IS A WALKING DEAD CORPSE!

  23. she defeated Inuyasha so easily--Inuyasha allowed her to 

  24. she's not one of those girls who throws a tantrum and whacks you on the head when you angered her --So?

  25. no, she will just kill you! (ask Inuyasha, he knows) --Hello?

  26. she has high pride in herself --Smug you mean? Yeah right

  27. she's not afraid of Naraku --Not worth my breath

  28. she even played with his head --Not too

  29. she likes to mock Naraku --Not either

  30. she's not afraid of anything --Are you sure? Isnt she scared shitless when Naraku said she can kill her? Look at how BIG her eyes went when she fell down that cliff!

  31. she's calm and collective --Refer above

  32. she's tricky --Hello?

  33. her intentions are unknown --Hah!

  34. she's mysterious --So?

  35. she's good with medicine --Kagome too!

  36. she helps injured soldiers --To gain their trust, so that she can live in the village to start her new freaking life

  37. she has great helpers -- Kagome has to!

Look, Kikyo tried to kill Kagome once due to jealousy. Some said that its understandable. But did Kagome do so? NO! Kagome is very understanding,as shippo,sango and miroku always say so. I think that kikyo should be ashamed of herself for being so petty and all.Kagome is really such an understanding person...Some say that they hate her because she kept 'sitting' Inuyasha, but isnt that what makes the show interesting?Can you deny that you nhever laugh at those scenes?! Okay fine...no offense okay? Thank you. Website may be kept confidential, unless the comments proved otherwise. thanks..no flames plz...BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS IS A KIKYO HATERS COMMUNITY...RESPECT HERE PLEASE.

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Hi!! [12 Jun 2007|08:09pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello all! I'm back here! ^^ I cant post these few days as my computer cant come into this website due to some software clash problems...Pretty saddening...:(

However, i am still happi that there are ppl who share the same passion as me till now! ^^ Thank you all for posting to this community and not making it go well, dead ^^

In the meantime, i currently have 2 websites to recommend to all out there:

-www.mediaminer.org/fanfics [loads of wonderful fanfics there!]

-www.shopping-paradiz.blogspot.com [my shopping blog, plx support! ^^ --Only for Singaporeans...]

Remember, keep this community going!

Motto:::::Kikyou is a crazy bitch, she sucks like a pile of shit..[this is thought on the spot, so not very good...sry! ^^]

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It's been waaay too long since anyone has posted here! [26 Jan 2007|01:39am]

[ mood | content ]

Hi, everyone! I happened to find this community while digging around for Inuyasha fanfiction communities, and after reading the user info, immediately had to join. Why you ask? Well, because I loathe Kikyo, 'nuff said. IMHO, it's been far too long since anyone's posted here, so let me tell you all why I hate Kikyo:

To me, she practically symbolizes a dreaded ex-girlfriend that refuses to go away - let me count the ways:

- Inuyasha is always sneaking off to see her (duh), and while her information on Naraku's whereabouts may be useful, I'm sure their hugs/kisses together aren't.
She's always causing trouble between Inuyasha and Kagome (especially with Inuyasha's lies when he 'has' to go see her)
- Not only does she refuse to go away, she refuses to die - her basic reason for 'living' is to seek her vengeance on Inuyasha over things that were Naraku's fault!
- She tries to drag Inuyasha to hell!
- She seems to come around when things warm between Inuyasha and Kagome, making sure that she isn't forgotten
- She hardly ever misses an opportunity to hurt Kagome, by either staying 'alive' and keeping a piece of Kagome's very soul, or being an icy b*tch whenever Kagome helps her (including saving her 'life')
- She refuses to recognize that Kagome is always there to help Inuyasha - in fact, she regularly asks Inuyasha in an accusing tone whether he harbors feelings for "that girl" or "her reincarnation" as if Kagome doesn't even have a name!

Geez, and I thought I hated ex-girlfriends - she actually does have practically no soul, steals others souls to maintain her 'life', and not to meantion she's made of clay and smells of death. Inuyasha, get a clue!

* Pardon any mistakes or oversights I may have made - I'm addicted to the anime (which needs to begin for a second time!), and am slowly but surely making my way through the manga. Feel free to add your own reasons, 'cause there's always plenty of reason to hate Kikyo! ;D

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[22 Nov 2006|06:10am]

is this allowed?
I have an inuyasha rpg that needs members and it's has a kagome/Inuyasha pairing, the rpg takes place during the final battle with Naraku and naruka's defeat. so please join. The storyline will be in the user info!
Open parts


-Shippou- Open



-Jaken- Open




-Myouga- Open


-Kirara- Open

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Kikyou's an Ugly Girl [26 Oct 2006|05:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I suggest that everyone watches these videos. I adore it! I can't stop laughing!

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[24 Oct 2006|05:58am]

this is cute! watch this video!
http://www.adultswim.com/shows/inuyasha/indexWHATNOW.html it's called what's inuyasha up to now and it is both cute and funny!
X-posted to many inu communities!
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Hi again!!! [22 Oct 2006|07:05am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello,everyone!! Hey,long time not been here and it had became so deserted!!! Buck up,everyone! Remember that ppl here hates kikyou and we all share a BIG passion!!! Die,Claypot!!

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Heh! [11 Oct 2006|06:00pm]
[ mood | sore ]

FINALLY! I know how to post something up here. ^_^* Hi! I'm new to Kikyou Haters (well I've been here for a while but not being able to get on alot ^_^* Blame my baka little brother and his precious Dragon Fable crud. ) I've had a hatrid for Kikyou for as long as I can remember. >:( *kicks Kikyou over and over again then sets her on fire* and I'm a huge InuxKag fan too. ^_^ <3

That's all I gotta say for now. Back to DeviantART! ^_^ and please check out my LJ (I have no friends here *sobs* ) Bye now!

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Yo! [30 Sep 2006|10:43pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

Hey!!! Why no ppl post to this community now? Keep it going man!! Sighz,exams coming soon...stress arh. But i muz keep going due to my hatred for Kikyou!! I somehow hope to go back to the fuedal era and go up to kikyou and scream at her " You sucks like hell!" and then push her down a river before crushing a big stone onto her body. Idiots made of clay crack and oops! Kikyou's dead! Hehe... ...But that woulnt happen...sighz...

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Newbie [24 Aug 2006|04:16am]

[ mood | bitchy ]


I'm a Newbie here! When I came across this site, I was SO EXCITED!! I never even knew there was a Kikyou bashing site! I'm SOO glad to find other people who HATE THAT DEAD-WALKING SUM!!! *cough-cough* Ahem, anyway, she's the only person I hate fromInuYasha. Speaking of him, I <3 InuYasha!

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sorry sorry [15 Aug 2006|09:33pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

sorry arh,havent finish my post. Anyway, I had started a blog [japanime lovers] blog...plz go and leave your e-mail and I will add you as member.

Url: japanime-forever.blogspot.com

Plz go!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi!!! [15 Aug 2006|09:30pm]

Hi eveyone! Firstly, thank you for all the support and encouragement during my last post...I love yer guys!!!
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Honestly!!! [17 Jul 2006|05:53pm]

It's really irritating to know that Kikyo still lives after Naraku injured her and pushed into the poison river. I had hoped that she was dead for the rest of the episodes.Finally!!BUT!!Obviously she still lives on and you cannot imagined my hatred towards Inuyasha when he found out that his dear kikyo still lives.Now for the what-is-this part.Okay,after Kagome saved that bitch,she heals and her power became much more powerful and eveything.With those two girl girl beside her,helping her.But how can she simply becomes much more powerful than her past,especially after she was just injured and eveything.[That reminds me,she didnt even says thank you to Kagome!]I had guessed that Kagome passes some of her power to that Kikyo,since Kikyo became all much more powerful and eveything.However,Kikyo was always helping the baddies,then what?Try to kill them with those powers of her alone?Hadn't it be proved so many times that she still cant do it on her own?Three examples:
1)"Return to the place we first met"-Kikyo was injured after fighting a demon and Inuyasha happens to turn to the black-haired Inuyasha. [see?Juz a demon and she fails so badly.Shame on her for being the protector and everything.]
2)Injured by Naraku at Mt.Hakurei.
3)Kagome saves her,or else she will just rot away again.
Frankly,no matter how powerful or how people says that she was acting to not to let others take advantage,i just hate,except for one thing though.The costume,she isn't fit to wear it.
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[14 Jun 2006|09:44am]

Why does the anime end but yet the Manga keeps going on and doesn't end?

In my honest Opinion I beleive Inuyasha needs sensivity training so that he can learn how to be more sensitive towards a women's heart and feelings. namely Kagome's!
Anyone else realise that? She does everything she can to make Inuyasha happy even when it makes her upset and what thanks does she get for it?

Food for Throught!
If Kagome is Kikyo's reincarnation and Inuyasha's time in 500 years in the past and Kagome's is 500 years in the future,then it makes me wonder if when everyone dies in Inuyasha's time. I.E Sango,Miroku, Inuyasha.. if they are reincarnated into Kagome's time like that one eppy we saw with everyone in modern times and Shippo as a little boy.. remember? It makes me wonder if somewhere in Kagome's time that Inuyasha's,Miroku's and Sango's reincarnations are running around somewhere and if Kagome will ever meet up with any of them! It's also would be intersting if Seshhy's got reincarnated into Kagome's time as well!
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New Anti_Kikyo Fan [19 Apr 2006|05:06pm]

[ mood | Let's Kill Kikyo TIME! ]

Hello everyone! I am a new member here! I frickin despises the ugly whore faced, Kikyo. I hate her voice and I hate everything about her! I want to shoot her with a machine gun! GRR! I got the game InuYasha: Fedual Combat. I like the game, except that damned Kikyo in it. I kick her ass with InuYasha or Kagome XD!I'm glad I found a place like this. Oh! And if anyone hates Princess Peach from the Mario Series, you can join my community 
See you all, when I ever update.

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